Prime Cut

by Diane Mott Davidson

Hardcover, 1998



Fiction. Mystery. Suspense. Thriller. HTML:Cheesecake, beefcake, and a pair of dueling caterers whet someone's appetite for murder in this sinfully delicous novel by the New York Times bestselling author of Sticks & Scones Caterer Goldy Schulz is convinced things couldn't get worse. An unscrupulous rival is driving her out of business. An incompetent contractor has left her precious kitchen in shambles. And she has just agreed to cater a fashion shoot at a nineteenth-century mountain cabin with her mentor and old friend, French chef Andr� Hibbard. Together Goldy and Andr� struggle in a hopelessly outdated kitchen to cater to a vacuous crowd of beautiful people whose personal dramas climax when a camera is pitched through a window . . . into the buffet. Then Goldy's contractor is found hanging in the house of one of her best friends. A second murder follows and Goldy must somehow solve a mystery and prepare for a society soir�e that could make�or...… (more)

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LibraryThing member MsBeautiful
Enjoy this character, love hearing about cooking/recipes
LibraryThing member guiltlessreader
A horrible combination - Agatha Christie meets Anthony Bourdain.Geez, who can think about eating (granted, a gourmet meal) when a murder happened in the very room you're preparing it in?
No job? Second mortgage? Down to the last savings? ... and you still prepare a meal fit for kings? What is the
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logic in this?
Though Diane Mott Davidson is the only author writing in this genre. A nice idea but it somehow didn't fly in this book.
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LibraryThing member tjsjohanna
This mystery combines models, buried treasure, and a vengeful ex-spouse. An unlikely combination but Ms. Davidson makes it work. I enjoyed seeing Julian back in the picture and I loved how Tom created a new kitchen for Goldie - that's a husband!
LibraryThing member pussreboots
Prime Cut by Diane Mott Davidson opens with Goldy helping her old semi-retired teacher cater a modeling session at a local historic cabin. She needs the gig for money to finish a remodel of her kitchen, abandoned by the local no-good contractor.

Soon Goldy has to contend with two deaths, food
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sabotage, competition from a showy but crap caterer, and a missing heritage cookbook. If you know anything about simple codes you'll figure out big chunks of this mystery well before Goldy does. I certainly did, but I still had fun waiting for Goldy to put it all together.

Prime Cut is the eighth in the Goldy Bear Culinary Mysteries. I'm listening to the Recorded Books productions as I can get a hold of them. That means I'm reading them out of order. I could read the paperbacks my library has but I think Barbara Rosenblat makes this series something extra special.

I like to listen to the Goldy books while I'm doing chores, especially cooking. Although the books all have about a dozen recipes included, I haven't tried any of them. I either already know how to make the included dish or it's not something I would normally eat. That said, it's still a fun series to cook to.
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LibraryThing member FerneMysteryReader
I enjoyed this book but I believe there are many readers who would be absolutely enthralled with this cozy mystery. It is a mystery that blends the world of caterers and fashion shoots within a beautifully described picturesque setting of Aspen Meadows, Colorado. The key character is energetic
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Goldy Bear, caterer and amateur sleuth. Season the mixture with a homestead museum and an ex-husband in prison. And don't forget the pièce de résistance, an endearing (current) husband who is not only a detective on the local police force but can grill and cook AND can design and remodel a home kitchen left in shreds into a culinary dream workspace for home creations and business extravaganzas.

This novel was my first introduction to the author, Diane Mott Davidson and my first read in the series. Delightfully, it can be read as a stand-alone. Chapters are sprinkled liberally with recipes that are described in mouth-watering detail. If you enjoy culinary mysteries, this one should be quickly folded on to your wish list of reading treats.
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LibraryThing member whybehave2002
I'm enjoying this series but have discovered that I'm hungry all the time while reading it. Could be there is not one page that doesn't describe food being cooked, eaten, displayed. :) I think it's some sort of subliminal message.
LibraryThing member JenniferRobb
A friend of mine gave me earlier books in this series a number of years ago. As with all books of this type, it does strike me as odd that no one seems to care that dead bodies show up all around this caterer. Only one in town or not, I think I'd prefer an event with no dead bodies, even if I had
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to hire someone from the next big town to get it!

Other than that, this is the standard installment for this series with a few twists. Goldy has some competition in the catering world for a change. Though, of course, that bit works itself out by the end of the book--she might still have some competition, but at least it will be on more equal footing.
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