Recessional: A Novel

by James A. Michener

Hardcover, 1994



A young doctor in an old people's center rescues a woman from a car accident in which she loses a leg. He takes her to hospital and disappears for fear of another malpractice suit, but she tracks him down, though not to sue him. Lots of detail on geriatrics.

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LibraryThing member santhony
Pretty disappointing effort from Michener, centered on life at a Florida retirement home.
LibraryThing member catsalive
An enjoyable tale. The nursing & other medical care was interesting, as were the people. A little sentimental in spots but forgiveable.

Recessional: noun. A hymn or other piece of music played at the end of a service while the congregation is filing out.
LibraryThing member wareagle78
I have had this book around for many years, in fact it is one of the oldest Bookcrossing books I have in my home - I've had it since 2004. Yet when I picked it up this week, I sped through it.

I love [[James Mitchener]], although in general I have to be in the mood to tackle one of his sweeping tomes. [Recessional] was different. It is a tighter story than his general sweeping tale of a place (think [Tales of the South Pacific] or [Hawaii]). The story of a doctor running from his profession due to lawsuits and high insurance premiums, it becomes a panorama of an upscale Florida retirement community. The residents and staff are fascinating, the backstory of making such a community popular and profitable interesting as well. My parents are in just such a community, although not in Florida, and what I read rang true in many ways. Michener adds his love of place in the descriptions of the flora and fauna of the Tampa community, and I found those portions of the story rewarding as well. Many of the vignettes of the residents left me teary-eyed. This book may not be for everyone, but I found it well-written and enjoyable.… (more)



Random House (1994), Edition: First Trade, 484 pages


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