Nettie's Trip South

by Ann Warren Turner

Other authorsRonald Himler (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1987



A ten-year-old northern girl encounters the ugly realities of slavery when she visits Richmond, Virginia, and sees a slave auction.


(17 ratings; 4.1)

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LibraryThing member sumnergreen8
Nettie's Trip South, is a great book, for young readers. There is a fictional story partaking during the backdrop of the antebellum period during the civil war. The book is in the form of a conversation. Nettie, is recalling her trip down south. She recalls the painful reality of slavery. Nettie
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lets readers know she is only ten. Because of her age, the language, she uses, and the emption behind the language is innocent, conveying the inhumane treatment and sheer disgust with slavery. This book is a good read for both children and adults. Through Nettie's eyes, both children and adults can see the unjustness that was American slavery.
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LibraryThing member DianaHarger
Netttie, the main character, takes a trip with her family down south, befor the civil war started. While there, she sees not only how the setting of the south is, yet how black slaves are treated. She reflects to her friend, Addie when she returns home how it was like visiting the south.
This book
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is based on the diary of the author's great-grandmother. It relates to the reader personally by giving detail of what it would be like to live as a slave in the south. The reader can feel what it was like to be Nettie visiting the south. The illustration is very lively, as it is only in black and white (pencil-like).
I would use this book for older students, and definatly extend their knowledge of this time in history. I would also brainstorm with my students what it would be like daily being a slave in the time period.
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LibraryThing member creeh
nettie is a 19th century little girl who goes to the south on a trip with her brother and sister. her brother is a northern newspaper journalist writing a story about slavery in the south. nettie writes to her friend addie and tell her all of the things she witnesses the southern blacks going
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through. it was actually mind opening because it shows you a harsh topic like slavery form a childs perspective, and seeing how this is supposed to be a actual letter written by the author's ancestor, they seem to be able to understand the right from wrong even at that young age. it would be a great book to introduce a section on slavery, and the perspective of a white child. even white children could see the nastiness. also, it mentions that there may be a war coming soon , so this may be the only time they can see the south for what it is. so civil war lessons could benefit from this book.
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LibraryThing member cindylansdale
This is a story that is based on the author’s great-grandmother’s personal diary. This is the story of a young girl traveling to the South, to see what it was like, before the war broke out. She saw for the first time slaves, black people, she was told that according to the law they were only
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three-fifths’ of a person. She didn’t understand what that meant or what parts the black people were missing. The slaves only had first names like her animals. She witnessed a slave auction first hand and she threw up, it made her sick. She wrote to tell her friend about the slave auction, and to tell her that she was still having bad dreams at night.
This book could be used in a history lesson, as an alternative point of view. It could be thoroughly discussed. As an extended writing assignment the students could write, about an event that they attended and how they reacted to it
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