The Adventures of A Brownie

by Dinah Maria Mulock-Craik

Other authorsMilo Winter (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1923



Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: ADVENTURE THE THIRD. BROWNIE IN THE FARM-YARD. .HICH was a place where he did not often go, for he preferred being warm and snug in the house. But when he felt himself ill- used, he would wander anywhere, in order to playtricks upon those whom he thought had done him harm; for, being only a Brownie, and not a man, he did not understand that the best way to revenge yourself upon your enemies is either to let them alone or to pay them back good for evil?it disappoints them so much, and makes them so exceedingly ashamed of themselves. One day Brownie overheard the Gardener advising the Cook to put sour milk into his bowl at night, instead of sweet. He'd never find out the difference, no more than the pigs do. Indeed, it's my belief that a pig, or dog, or something, empties the bowl, and not a Brownie, at all. It's just clean waste?that's what I say. Then you'd better hold your tongue, and mind your own business, returned the Cook, who was of a sharp temper, and would not stand being meddled with. She began to abuse the Gardener soundly; but his wife, who was standing by, took his part, as she always did when any third party scolded him.So they all squabbled together, till Brownie, hid under his coal, put his little hands over his little ears. Dear me, what a noise these mortals do make when they quarrel 1 They quite deafen me. I must teach them better manners. But when the Cook slammed the door to, and left Gardener and his wife alone, they too began to dispute between themselves. You make such a fuss over your nasty pigs, and get all the scraps for them, '' said the wife. It's of much more importance that I should have every thing Cook can spare for my chickens. Never were such fine chickens as my last brood I thought they were ducklings....… (more)

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