Mount Vernon Love Story

by Mary Higgins Clark

Hardcover, 2002



"Mary Higgins Clark's interest in George Washington was first sparked by a radio series she was writing in the 1960s, called "Portrait of a Patriot," vignettes of American presidents." "Always a lover of history, she wrote this biographical novel - her first book - and titled it Aspire to the Heavens, which was the family motto of George Washington's mother. With all events, dates, scenes and characters based on historical research, the book was published in 1969." "Its recent discovery by a Washington family descendent led to its reissue under its new title, Mount Vernon Love Story."--BOOK JACKET.

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(98 ratings; 3.7)

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LibraryThing member mramos
This is the frist book written by Mary Higgins Clark. This book focuses on the love story of George and Martha Washington. The book takes palce in two timelines. It begins with President Washington preparing to leave public office and return to Mount Vernon with his wife Martha, who liked to be called Patsy. And quickly jumps back to periods of Geroge Washinton's youth. Trying to give us some insight on the man and his relation ship with Martha.

A lot of research went into this book. And I learned a lot about one of the founding fathers of the USA. The book is a charming and quick read. You almost are left with the thought of yearning for a few more chapters. It made me want to look further into George Washington's life and career.
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LibraryThing member Taegan
A very cute, easy, breezy read. I enjoyed the history, but kept wondering how much was truly "known" and how much was speculation.
LibraryThing member jeffersonsambrosia
This book, I am not sure if I can find the right words. It is beautiful, a beautiful telling of the love between George Washington and his beautiful wife Martha. It is a charming romp through his memories, his life from child hood and on through. We find him remembering these things from his minds eye as he is giving over the reigns of his government to John Adams. It’s witty, and shows some funny jests about Thomas Jefferson (my all time favorite) and John Adams. This book was simply not long enough for me, I wanted more. I wanted to have more memories from George’s point of view. A wonderful book, that is making me wish to dig out my rev war books right now.… (more)
LibraryThing member brendanus
This is a very thin book. Mary Clark, it seems, did not really have much to work with. But it does present scraps of information about Martha that allow the reader to glimpse her character - not memorable, to say the least. Necessrily the text also allows a unique perspective about George himself, about whom there is a great deal more information to draw upon. Essentially light reading about a lightweight personality.… (more)
LibraryThing member cal8769
Mary Higgins Clark's first book.

I was impressed by how the historical facts were correct but the romantic side was just not there for me. I read in the biography, [The World of George Washington] by [[Richard M Ketchum]] that Washington did not keep his personal correspondence. Many historians have pieced his personal life together through other peoples' letters. Knowing this distracted me from liking this book too much.… (more)
LibraryThing member mahallett
because this was m.h.clarke, i thought it would be a mystery. but anyway it was quite interesting, considering chart i am not interested in g.washington.
LibraryThing member carolynsuarez
love the accurate history and the personal glimpse at George Washington.
LibraryThing member VhartPowers
An endearing story of Martha (Patsy) and George Washington.
LibraryThing member quondame
A lightweight sweet version of the George and Martha story in which it is made quite clear how much George loves Mount Vernon.
LibraryThing member moonshineandrosefire
As one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, not too much is known about the private life of George and Martha Washington. In Mount Vernon Love Story: A Novel of George and Martha Washington, Mary Higgins Clark relies on extensive biographical and historical research to bring George Washington and his life and marriage fully into focus for readers. Dispelling the widespread belief that although George Washington married the wealthy widow Martha Dandridge Custis, his one true love was his best friend's wife, Sally Carey Fairfax, Mary Higgins Clark describes the marriage between George and Martha as one full of tenderness and passion - a bond between two people who shared their lives - even the bitter hardship of a winter in Valley Forge - in every way.

For a debut novel, I really thought this book was excellent. I love reading people's biographies and become really immersed in the time periods that are portrayed. I think it was truly a harsh time for both George and Martha Washington as well as for the country as a whole. I give this book an A+!
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Simon&Schuster (2002)

Original publication date

1969 (original title: "Aspire to the Heavens")




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