Better Homes and Gardens Cooking for Two: Menus and Recipes for Every Occasion

by Better Homes and Gardens Editors

Hardcover, 1968


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LibraryThing member arelenriel
My mother gave this to me the year that I graduated from college. It is easy to adapt these recipes for single servings, and it also includes a great many traditional family favorites. It is intended for cooking romantic meals for your partner so a lot of meal planning tips etc. It is also published in the sixties when said partner was assumed to be male, cook was assumed to be female, and has a lot of stereotypical guy food.… (more)
LibraryThing member Penny01966
This book is fun to read. It's from the 60's and it's interesting to read what kinds of things they made in the 60's. It's got some good recipes for two. It's hard to find but, if you can get one, online or at a use book store, definitely get it!


Meredith Press (1968), Edition: 1st, 96 pages


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96 p.; 10.1 inches
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