The Money-Changers

by Arthur Hailey

Hardcover, 1975



An exciting inside story of money, people and banking.

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LibraryThing member nordie
Another widereaching story from Hailey, this time dealing with banks. It's a little dated (written around 1975, and just after Watergate), but the underlying principles are still the same - the moving of money, the gold standard, the relationship of the bank managers to the tellers, investigations into wide fraud etc.
LibraryThing member writemoves
I read this book a few decades ago. Thought the references to bank technology is dated, the storyline runs true even today. Greedy bank executives and Board vs. social conscious and customer oriented executive VP. Guess who wins, for a change?



Doubleday and Company, Inc. (1975)


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436 p.
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