The Locket

by Richard Paul Evans

Hardcover, 1998



A man unable to decide whether to marry is helped to reach a decision by a woman patient in an old people's home where he is a nurse. By the author of The Christmas Box.


½ (94 ratings; 3.9)

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LibraryThing member Alera
I've had this book in my to read pile for ages. My mother bought it for me at a garage sale...and it just didn't look that appealing. But my mother is typically so good at picking out books that I enjoy that I left it. Thinking one day I would get to it. Well, that one day was today. And with the
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exception of the 30 pages I read last night before bed, I read the entire novel in one sitting. The story is right out of a hallmark movie, which it's been made into one, but it broke my heart. I cried. I laughed. It's oddly empowering and hopeful, even if the overall message is a mixed one. When Esther asks Michael if he thinks life gives second chances. He replies that we would probably just make the same mistakes over again. And in the end, that is probably exactly true. Because your reasons would still be your reasons. But Esther believes life gave her a second fix her wrongs. Sadly, not in her own life, but in Michael's life. It's sweet. It's sappy. It's a quick, easy read. And it made me smile.
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LibraryThing member MrsHillReads
A sweet love story that made me cry and smile. If you like sappy love stories--this is for you.
LibraryThing member CatieN
Fiction lite. Nothing about it grabbed my interest, and I put it down without finishing it. I like my books with a little more "bite" to them.
LibraryThing member Almadmc
Beautiful story. Very well written. Easy read.
LibraryThing member Judy.Welker.Frick
Another great story filled with lots of lessons. I loved reading the love story of Michael and Faye as well as Esther and her missed love, Thomas.
LibraryThing member sally.wilson.94695
This book is excellent! It's one of those books you don't want to put down.
LibraryThing member jbarr5
The Locket by Richard Paul Evans
Have read other works by the author and have enjoyed them.
This one starts out with Ester and she's just come to the mining town, and chapters advance to 1989 where she lives in a nursing home.
Story also follows the boy, Michael who takes a job at a nursing home after
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losing his mother.
He has a girlfriend Faye who's attending college and she cooks for him often. Her father talks to him and he needs to break away from her or she'll never get any money or endorsements from him for her education.
Story also follows Ester and her life at the mining camp where she cooks and raising her mental child.
Interesting about the locket and the connections through the years...
Circumstances arise and he's up on charges of a man's death in the nursing home. He knows he's being framed...
Powerful touching stories.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).
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LibraryThing member KimSalyers
love this book and love to read richad evans books
LibraryThing member KimSalyers
love this book and love to read richad evans books


Simon & Schuster (1998), Edition: 1st, 361 pages

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