Rules of Engagement

by Joe Weber

Paperback, 1991



The New York Times bestselling author of DEFCON One presents a powerful novel of the rules of war--and a man who broke them (W.E.B. Griffin). Avenging the deaths of two friends shot down by the Vietcong, Marine fighter pilot Brad Austin makes a successful--but forbidden--strike on an enemy aitfield. Now he must defend himself, his honor, and his Corps against a Senate committee out for blood.


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LibraryThing member CNWoolson
I served on the USS INTREPID 1965-1968.
I was impressed the author used real ships as the background for his novel. He mentioned the INTREPID on page 2 and several times following, he also mentioned the Bon Homme Richard, Coral Sea and others including the USS RANGER.
While on the INTREPID I witnessed a similar incident to the hung bomb event. It was a 2,000 lb bomb, and fell off after the A-4 Sky Hawk made 3 attempts to land, the bomb skipped down the deck under the wing of the aircraft, and then hit the water with enough force to bounce back into view before falling again under the water. It did not explode.

The flight deck fire was similar to the fire on the USS FORRESTAL. Unfortunately the FORRESTAL just received a load of defective (obsolete bombs) which detonated with-in two minutes of the fire starting, this caused the heavy damage and loss of life.

I found the book very well written, and very accurate and very enjoyable to read.
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