Jesus' Promise to the Nations: the Franz Delitzsh Lectures for 1953 (Studies in Biblical Theology No. 24)

by Joachim Jeremias

Other authorsS.H. Hooke (Translator)
Paperback, 1958



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SCM Press, Edition: First English Edition


The almost exclusively Jewish scope of the ministry of Jesus has often been explained as a deliberate concentration with a view to ultimate expansion. To this Dr Jeremias adds the further explanation that Jesus' own thought and policy were guided by a pattern of Old Testament expectation which enabled him to look forward confidently to the pilgrimage of the Gentiles to the Mount of God at the final consumation, and accordingly to preach a bold universalism, while at the same time remaining content during his ministry to limit his actual appeal to the Jews. Dr Jeremias argues his case as always with a wealth of very instructive erudition' (C. F. D. Moule in JTS). Joachim Jeremias, who died in 1979, was Professor Emeritus of New Testament in the University of Gottingen.… (more)

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