The God Experiment: Can Science Prove the Existence of God?

by Russell Stannard

Hardcover, 2000


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HiddenSpring (2000), 256 pages


An extraordinary prayer experiment is under way in the United States. 600 heart surgery patients will be prayed for. A further 600 will not be prayed for. Will God choose to cooperate? Or are there better ways to demonstrate God's existence? In The God Experiment, Russell Stannard looks at what modern science can bring to the ancient question: how can we prove God's existence? Comparing the latest scientific theories and age-old religious thinking, Stannard produces some startling parallels. He examines Creationism and the Big Bang, Biblical miracles and Quantum physics, and the idea of anomniscient God in the context of 4D spacetime. The God Experiment is a fascinating challenge to our assumptions about God, science and our place in the Universe.… (more)

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256 p.; 8.82 inches


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