Why Christian? For Those on the Edge of Faith

by Douglas John Hall (Editor)

Paperback, 1998



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Fortress Press (1998), 192 pages


In these dialogues with doubt, Hall enters into an earnest search with a young inquirer—a composite ofundergraduates, graduates, clergy, working people, his own children—who is on the edges of Christianfaith. Half familiar with superficial aspects of Christianity, hopeful of there being greater depth than has beenfound so far, she or he is curious, insistent, looking for something to believe in but not ready to leap without good reason. Such a person is asking, "Why be Christian?"In a passionate and personal way, Hall probes fundamental religious questions and wrestles with thecogency of basic Christian convictions about Jesus and God, about religious belief and the human predicament, about inauthentic forms of Christianity, about what is missing in human life today. QuotingUnamuno's dictum that "Faith that does not doubt is dead faith," Hall's accessible and straightforward book helps readers to reclaim a Christianity of personal, intellectual, and moral integrity. This book maywell prove a modern religious classic.… (more)


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192 p.; 8.5 inches


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