Where God Happens: Discovering Christ in One Another

by Rowan Williams

Paperback, 2007



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New Seeds (2007), 192 pages


Rowan Williams goes back to the 4th century desert fathers and mothers for inspiration and insight, discovering that their spirituality resonates strongly with aspects of the modern spiritual search. He uses examination of their stories and sayings as a starting point for his own reflections on topics such as: living in relationship with others; discovering the truth about ourselves; reassessing our priorities; silence and the importance of language; living in a fearless community; living within our limitations; life and death; staying and leaving.

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For many, the concept of the monastic life is one of withdrawal from the world. In "Where God Happens", Rowan Williams explains that nothing could be further from the truth. Rather than a life removed from community, this is a life devoted to community with a tremendous level of focus.

With a focus
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on the wisdom of "the desert fathers", we are told that "What is to be learned in the desert is clearly not some individual technique for communing with the divine but the business of becoming a means of reconciliation and healing for the neighbor. You flee to the desert not to escape neighbors but to grasp more fully what the neighbor is . . ." (page 33).

At the same time, we learn the value of silence. One of my favorite bible verses is from the Psalms: "Be still and know that I am God". In an entire chapter titled "Silence and Honey Cakes", the author explores how "Silence is letting what there is be what it is."

Frankly, some of Rowan Williams writings are are challenging because of the depths of theology that he explores. However, "Where God Happens" is a book of Christian spirituality rather than Christian theology. It is extremely well written and very accessible to almost any adult reader. The book is highly recommended, especially for anyone interested in contempletive prayer, meditation, or wisdom literature.

John Hornbeck / GHTC-KC Library / June 2008
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In this text, Rowan Williams goes back to the 4th century Desert Fathers and Mothers for inspiration and insight. He rediscovers that the spirituality of the deseert resonates strongly with aspects of the modern spiritual search.

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