Christianity's Family Tree: What Other Christians Believe and Why - Pastor's Guide

by Adam Hamilton

Paperback, 2007



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Abingdon Press (2007), 20 pages


Adam Hamilton presents a generous, inspiring vision of eight Christian denominations and faith traditions. Comparing the Christian family to our own extended families, he contends that each denomination has a unique, valuable perspective to offer on the Christian faith.This Pastor's Guide with CD-ROM gives you the information and tools needed to expand the small-group study into a congregation-wide event that can reach beyond the classroom, beyond the sanctuary, and into the community, bringing new people into your church. It includes: Sermon starters Video excerpt PowerPoint presentation Sample letters to leaders Small-group helps Church newsletter articles Press releases Banner and poster/flyer Calendar and planning template Evaluation formsChristianity's Family Tree is a comprehensive program for reaching new people, creating interest, launching new small groups, and strengthening existing classes.… (more)

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Many people in the church today do not know much about their denomination’s history and even less about the history of other Christian denominations. Why is it important to know these things? What is the difference? Hamilton begins to answer these questions in this study while providing the
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historical knowledge and background needed to understand the branches on Christianity’s family tree. Starting at the very beginning with Orthodoxy and leading up to Methodism, Hamilton shows where eight different Christian denominations originated and what distinguishes them from each other. The emphasis is on what we can learn from other denominations rather than what is wrong about other denominations. In each session, we see a little bit of our own history and understand more about the overall history of Christianity. Hamilton brings it together beautifully at the end as the image of a tree emerges from the map of denominations that has grown throughout the study. By learning more about all of Christianity, we can find new ways to glorify God and love our neighbors.

The study covers Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Lutheranism, Presbyterianism, Anglicanism, Baptists, Pentecostalism, and Methodism. With the introductory and concluding chapters, there are ten sessions. Each session has a video portion that features Hamilton’s sermons on these denominations and interviews with local church leaders.
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