The Reformation: A History (Modern Library Chronicles)

by Patrick Collinson

Hardcover, 2004



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Modern Library (2004), Edition: Modern Library Ed, 272 pages


Although for generations the Reformation was regarded as a major turning point in European history, in recent years its significance has been downgraded. But in this book Professor Collinson sets out to restore a sense of the Reformation as a momentous historical event. He brilliantly explores the complexities and corruption of the late-medieval Catholic Church - and the Europe-wide reform movement which produced Lutherans, Calvinists, Huguenots, Presbyterians and the Church of England, and which profoundly shaped the identity of the emerging nation-states of Europe.

User reviews

LibraryThing member billmeister16
This was one of the most entertaining reads I have come across on the Reformation. Full of sarcasm and humor, Collinson recounts the Reformation and its impact with a great deal of wit and passion.
LibraryThing member MarthaHuntley
This is more a philosophical history of the Reformation than a standard, chronological history. It is very interesting in some parts, not so much so in some places. I found what he had to say about the Reformation in England the most intriguing. Martha Huntley



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