77 Miles of Jewish Stories: History, Anecdotes & Tales of Travel Along I-8

by Donald H. Harrison

Book, 2017



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797 HAR



Donald H. Harrison 2017


In this book, along a 77-mile stretch of highway, we visit Jewish institutions and meet Jews at their work. Yes, they include doctors, lawyers, merchants, and rabbis, but they also include engineers, alpaca farmers, professional football players, and rural families who keep Judaism alive miles from the closest synagogue. When one exits a freeway in search of Jewish stories, one never knows exactly who one will meet, or what one will experience.Some chapters of Don Harrison's book are travelogues, others are histories, still others are examples of solid, on-the-ground journalism. Woven together, the 70 chapters paint a composite picture of contemporary San Diego County-a picture that readers today can enjoy, and which historians of the future may find useful as source material.… (more)


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