Baby Happy, Baby Sad

by Leslie Patricelli

Book, 2008



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Cambridge, MA : Candlewick Press, 2008.


Explores opposites, showing situations that make baby happy and baby sad.

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LibraryThing member sweetiegherkin
In this book, Patricelli illustrates two basic emotions that happen to be opposites - happiness and sadness. Each spread contains the words "baby happy" and "baby sad" and are illustrated by complementary pictures. For instance, one spread illustrates "baby happy" with the baby holding a red
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balloon and then portrays "baby sad" with the balloon flying away. The text is thus very simple and rather basic, although a parent or caregiver could expand upon it by giving a more detailed explanation of why the baby is happy or sad in each picture (i.e., 'Look the baby is happy because he's holding a balloon. Oh no! He let go of the string and the balloon flew away. Now the baby is sad.'). Using exaggerated facial expressions for each emotional state is a good idea to reinforce the meaning. This book could be helpful when teaching young children about emotions and being able to articulate their feelings, especially the youngest children who are still working on building a simple vocabulary to express themselves, rather than simply crying or resorting to tantrums. The toddlers in my class are on the older end and already have those language skills, but they still enjoyed this book, despite it being rather basic.
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LibraryThing member iamexhumed
True, this book is all about the pictures. If there were no pictures, there would be no point to the book. And the pictures are an absolute riot. It's kind of like watching Spongebob, where it's entertaining for the kids, but the grown ups get something extra out of the humor that the kids don't
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totally get. I love this author and her books for the wee ones :)
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