Boychiks in the Hood: Travels in the Hasidic Underground

by Robert Eisenberg

Book, 1995



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213 EIS


San Francisco, CA : HarperSanFrancisco, 1995.


Boychiks in the Hood is your passport to the Hasidic "underworld" -- a destination far different from popular expectations. Join Robert Eisenberg as he hangs out with an ex-Deadhead in Antwerp, makes a pilgrimage to the grave of the revered Rebbie Nachman in the Ukraine, munches mini-bagels with Rollerblading kosher butchers in Minnesota, discovers the last remaining religious Jews in Poland, talks sex with a karate-champion-turned-rabbi in Israel, and more.Simultaneously respectful and hilarious, Boychiks in the Hood is a surprising and unforgettable journey through the world's flourishing Hasidic communities that reveals this vibrant tradition as never before.

User reviews

LibraryThing member jessieep
This book is well written and thought provoking. I agree with the concept that Reform Judaism needs to work more on outreach and inreach to re-capture secular Jews but I am not certain I foresee Hasidism becoming the predominant segment of Judaism within the US.
LibraryThing member jbrown68
An interesting glimpse into the Hasidic world, but they were a little too shallow. I wanted a more in-depth look, which you're really not going to get in a book of essays, so perhaps I was expecting too much. But it was well written and engaging.
LibraryThing member skinglist
I enjoyed this book -- from its origins in my backyard to other, non-traditional Jewish neighborhoods. I like how he managed to fit in - even though he was an outsider. Met some really great people and tried to stay away from stereotypes.

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