Broken Tablets: Restoring the Ten Commandments and Ourselves

by Rachel Mikva

Book, 1999



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201 MIK


Woodstock, Vt : Jewish Lights Pub., 1999


Let the Ten Commandments command your imagination ... and enrich your life. When the Holy One gave the Torah, no bird chirped, no fowl flew, no ox lowed, not one angel stirred its wing or sang its song. The sea did not roar, creatures did not speak--the whole world was hushed into breathless silence; it was then that the voice went forth: "I am the Lord your God...." --Exodus Rabba 29:9 Even people who claim not to be "religious" will generally maintain that they do observe the Ten Commandments. Why is it that these ten statements, thousands of years old, continue to have such a special hold on us? Here, twelve outstanding spiritual leaders from across the spectrum of Jewish thought bring us to the life and soul of the Ten Commandments' unusual power. In voices that are personal and diverse, they help us take a closer look at the ten utterances that not only touch every aspect of our lives, but also present each of us with a profound challenge. Contributors: Rabbi Eugene B. Borowitz * Leonard Fein * Rabbi Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer * Rabbi Laura Geller * Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman * Dr. Menachem Kellner * Rabbi Peter S. Knobel * Rabbi Lawrence Kushner * Rabbi Richard N. Levy * Rabbi Rachel S. Mikva * Rabbi Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi * Rabbi Levi Weiman-Kelman * Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf… (more)

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A short collection of reflections on each of the ten commandments taken in turn, exploring their nuances, exceptions, and difficulties. The readings were okay, but the most enjoyable part was the last chapter, when the editor "talks back" to each of the authors and explains his difference of
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interpretation from theirs. I felt that if the entire book had been more of a dialogue among the authors, a synthesis of different interpretations with the acknowledgment that perhaps following the commandments isn't so straightforward, the book would have been stronger for it.
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