Encyclopedia of Jewish Humor: From Biblical Times to the Modern Age

by Henry D. Spalding

Book, 1969



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567 SPA




New York, Jonathan David Publishers 1979, [c1969]


In this comprehensive encyclopedia, Spalding has not only collected the most hilarious anecdotes and stories that have ever been told, but he places them in proper historical perspective. In 39 chapters he marches the colourful characters of Jewish folklore through 40 centuries, from biblical times to the atomic age, in a manner that illuminates the highlights of Jewish history and portrays the vicissitudes of Jewish life in most of the countries where Jews have lived. Spalding allows 40 centuries of Jewry to speak for itself, not through tears, but laughter; sometimes with a sigh, but mostly in jubilant fashion.

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LibraryThing member djryle
A favourite! Comprehensive compendium of humour that taps into the Hebrew heart and spans the millenia from Abraham onwards. Does not skip the darkest times.


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