From Egypt to Mt. Sinai: A Passover Spiritual Journey

by R. Menachem Berman

Book, 2010



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244 BER


CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2010


How to revitalize your seder. A laymans guide to a spiritually enhanced seder experience. Unlock the deeper meaning of the seder. Learn about the Seder Plate and Its Lessons. Discover what makes a Jew Spiritual. The Eser Sefiros, The spiritual significance of the Counting of the Omer, and many uniques Torah insights into the Passover seder. Once you experience a seder talking about the topics in this book, Passover will never be the same again. Guaranteed to spark the interests of everyone young and old. Never before has a more comprehensive yet easy to absorb companion been written for the Haggadah. A seder with Egypt to Mt. Sinai is sure to become the talk of your guests.


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