From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict Over Palestine

by Joan Peters

Book, 1984



Call number

890 PET



New York : Harper & Row, c1984.


"The most thoroughly researched & solidly documented work on the origins of the Arab-Jewish conflict ... A book that smashes conventional wisdom ... Unassailable in its thoroughness ... It all makes a totally fresh impact."--CHRISTIAN CENTURY. "The massive research Ms. Peters did ... would have daunted Hercules. In the course of it she turned up a great deal of interesting material from Ottoman records, the reports of Western consular officers & observant travelers & other sources."--NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW. "A remarkable document in itself ... The refugees are not the problem but the excuse."--WASHINGTON POST BOOK WORLD. "Everything in this book reads like hard news ... One woman walks in & scoops them all ... The great service provided here by Mrs. Peters--if only attention is paid--is to lay the groundwork for peace by clearing away the farrago of lies ..." NATIONAL REVIEW. "This book, if read, will change the minds of our generation. If understood, it could also affect the history of the future."--NEW REPUBLIC. "Fresh & powerful ... Offers an original analysis ... Makes it necessary for us to take a second look at, & perhaps even redraw, our picture of the conflict."--ATLANTIC MONTHLY. "The reader comes away not only rethinking the Middle East refugee problem, but also the extent to which propaganda can be swallowed whole for lack of information."--LOS ANGELES TIMES. "With determination, brilliant detective work & patience, Peters managed to unearth a foundation of factuality, research & commitment to truth."--TORONTO STAR.… (more)


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