Giraffes Can't Dance

by Giles Andreae

Other authorsGuy Parker-Rees (Illustrator)
Book, 2012



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New York, NY Scholastic, 2012


Gerald the giraffe is too clumsy to dance with all the other animals at the Jungle Dance, until he finds the right music.

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LibraryThing member Esus15
this is a wonderful book that can make even the shyest person dancer feel like they can dance. its a good story that can also be used for pretty much everything in life. just becasue you dont do things like everyone else doesnt mean you arent doing it right. we all work in our own special ways, and
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i love that they use animals, something that kids love, to portray the story.
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LibraryThing member dc061140
A giraffe named Gerald has a passion for dancing. The problem is that he is bad at it. He was sad when he could not dance as well as the other animals. Then a cricket taught him that he just needed the right music and that everyone had a different dance style.

This book had great picture that aided
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in telling the story. Also most of the book rhymed, which was one of the reasons I like it. It is very easy to ready to children because it rhymed. The setting is in the jungle.

Classroom extention ideas could include having the kids come up with artwork with the limitations of only a few colors. The could see what different pictures everyone would make using the same instruments. I could use it to teach that just because on childs work may be pretty, but how another may be pretty in another way.
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LibraryThing member perihan
Gerald the giraffe feels that he cannot dance because of his long legs and neck. After been ridiculed by the lion at the yearly dance, he leaves the dance. He meets a cricket and learns from him that everyone can dance as long as they find the music that they love. He finds his music and shows to
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the animals that he can dance.
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LibraryThing member TorrieM
All the animals made fun of Gerald the giraffe and said he couldn't dance. Then he met a cricket who told him he just needed to find his kind of music. All the animals thought that Gerald was the best dancer ever. This book shows that everyone may do things different, but being different is good.
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Everyone can be good at something.I would use this in K-4th grade.
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LibraryThing member finnyann126
Genre: Fantasy

This book is a good example of fantasy because, although the main character is a giraffe, he is very easy to relate to. This story has a wonderful moral about being confident in who you are, even if you are different from the others.

Characterization: Gerald is a main character. He is
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a giraffe who develops from being insecure about his dancing to very confident in it.

Level: Primary
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LibraryThing member tfink
Gerald the giraffe really wants to dance, but his legs are too skinny, his neck is too long, and his knees buckle whenever he tries to twirl. However, there is one critter that believes in Gerald and encourages him to dance. I really like the illustrations and the colors that were used.
LibraryThing member frogblossoms
This is a great book about a giraffe who feels out of place because he can't dance. All the other animals also make fun of Gerald because he is always so clumsy and tripping over. This book is great in the way that it touches on the issue of being yourself and not worrying about what other people
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think in a way that kids can 'get'. It is a fun book to read with wonderful language throughout! 10 out of 10!!!
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LibraryThing member vivacelibre
Grif loves this book...he is taking ballet right now so wanted him to read some books about dancing. love love loved it!!! he asked for it again and again and talks about Gerald the Giraffe.
LibraryThing member ReadAloudDenver
At the Jungle Dance, all the animals make fun of Gerald the Giraffe and tell him he can't dance. A violin-playing cricket encourages Gerald to listen to "a different song" and Gerald "finds the music that he loves." He then dances gracefully and the animals acknowledge that "Gerald is the best
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dancer that we've ever, ever seen!" Kids will love the rhythmic rhymes in this book which will teach them the sounds of letters and words.
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LibraryThing member nkertz
this poor giraffe wants only to dance but he cant because his friends say he cant and he beileves them. when he recieves encouragement from an interesting friend he finds that he can indeed dance despite thoughts or him and other people. a lesson about individuality would be best with this book.
LibraryThing member restock
A poor giraffe is so embarressed by his inability to dance. Everybody makes fun of how silly he looks. After leaving the party and finding his own music he learns beautifully and is applauded. Very cute story.
LibraryThing member ccostakis
This is a charming story about a giraffe struggling to be himself and feel comfortable with it. This story has a great moral of being yourself and celebrating who you are once you find yourself. The giraffe at first embarrassed by his awkwardness, finds that he can dance and enjoy himself when
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"dancing to his own rhythm. Seems like a great story for prek-5.
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LibraryThing member schroem
This book is written at a 2.5 grading level. It is a poetry book written in ABCB format. This book creatively shows that everyone is capable of doing anything; they just have to find their own rhythm, or way about doing it.
LibraryThing member stormiejean
this is a good book to teach cause and effect.
LibraryThing member gjchauvin504
This is one of my favorite "new" childrens' books! The illustrations are bright, interesting, and engaging. Even better, the story is so inspiring for adults and children alike. "Anyone can dance if they just find their own song." A book I would readily gift to any child. This is a great book and I
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will defiantly read it to my students because I think they will throughly enjoy this book..
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LibraryThing member PatrickRiegert
Giraffes Can't Dance, main theme is if you are confident in yourself, you can achieve anything. I thought it was a good book because it talked about self confidence and it taught the value of helping someone out as well. This book is meant for kids who are in first to third grade.
LibraryThing member ageoflibrarius
Adorable book--discusses different types of dances and celebrates the fact that everyone can dance :).
LibraryThing member lilred18
Beautiful book about finding your own music or beat to dance to. Many times we feel like that out of sync Giraffe, but Gerald finds out that he just has to find the music he can dance to so he can really shine.
LibraryThing member LindseyB12
I loved this book! Not only did the pictures capture my attention, but the message being told was one that all children should hear. The story is about a giraffe who struggles with self-esteen because he can not dance and everyone laughs at him. In the end, he learns that he is unique, and that
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everyone dances to their own beat. It teaches kids that just because they are different, does not mean they aren't special. In fact, it is our differences that make us special!
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LibraryThing member a.stone5
This story shows us that anyone can achieve their dreams, and should not listen to the judgements of others. I was engaged because I could relate to the giraffe in the sense where I have been in the predicament where I didn't think I could do something, and everyone else told me I couldn't do it,
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but I tried and it worked! Recommended to 2nd grade and up.
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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
Gerald the giraffe overcomes the misconception - held by both his animal peers and by himself - that he it too awkward to dance in this sweet picture-book from British author/illustrator team Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees. With an entertaining narrative whose rollicking rhymes - "Gerald was a
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tall giraffe / whose neck was long and slim. / But his knees were awfully crooked / and his legs were rather thin" - are sure to entertain, Andreae follows Gerald as he learns, with the help of a little cricket, that he just needs the right music in order to let loose and dance.

I liked the message here, that everyone needs to dance to their own drummer, that musical inspiration can be found all around us - in Gerald's case, in the form of the beautiful moon - and that we should have the confidence to just be ourselves. I also liked the text itself, which, with its fun rhyming scheme, makes for an engaging read-aloud selection. The pen, ink and watercolor illustrations are just adorable, with vivid colors and expressive animals figures and faces. All in all, a charming little book, one I would recommend to any young child who has felt self conscious, or worried that they don't have the "right" body type to dance.
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LibraryThing member BVstorytime
Gerald the giraffe is too clumsy to dance with all the other animals at the Jungle Dance, until he finds the right music.
LibraryThing member AliaZ
Gerald is a giraffe who can't dance until he listens to his heart and hears the music in the wind and trees. Yes, the moral is pretty heavy-handed. But it's still a really delightful book to read out loud, with a good rhythem and meter (one clumsy line always catches me). But the illustrations of
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the various animals dancing is what totally makes it worthwhile -- from waltzing warthogs to disco giraffe, they are just priceless. My 3 year old has loved this book for over a year now, and I don't hate it yet either. High parental praise!
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LibraryThing member JillSmith23
The theme of this book is about self-esteem. It is a great book for children to read because building up a child's self esteem is very important for them to grow into healthy adults. The children who read this book may find it relatable and will make them feel happy in the end.
LibraryThing member Cfrizzle
Children really like this book because it is very imaginative and silly. They could also relate it to a time of when they tried to do something but couldnt do it at first with out the help of some encouragement. This book should be aligned with identifying themes in stories.

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