God Wears Lipstick: Kabbalah for Women

by Karen Berg

Book, 2005



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150 BER


New York, NY : Kabbalah Centre International, 2005


For millennia, the spiritual science known as Kabbalah was so skewed toward men and their issues that women were literally forbidden to study it. In her groundbreaking book God Wears Lipstick, Karen Berg broke open the barrier for the first time by revealing what was once taboo: how women could use Kabbalah. Here, the essence of the book is distilled into a deck of 72 meditation cards. Packaged in a handsome box, the cards simply but profoundly convey the book’s choicest nuggets of wisdom and offer an array of practical tips for day-to-day living, especially in the area of relationships. The cards also provide an introduction to Kabbalah, with an emphasis on the special role that women play in the spiritual scheme of things. Simultaneously offering entertainment, food for thought, and practical advice, this set makes a thoughtful gift for anyone looking to learn more about this ancient wisdom.… (more)

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LibraryThing member JeannetteK
I read the first 20 pages and feel as if I was being preached to. I put the book down.
LibraryThing member lesindy
Written by a woman who had no qualms in cheating with a married man, and breaking up his former marriage with 8 children, I find it hard to follow her advice. I also find this book sexist. Woman are just here to be spiritual babysitters to men, and to stroke their ego. I think men can put on their
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big-boy pants, and run their own lives.
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