Hidden Child

by Isaac Millman

Book, 2005



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J 736 MIL


New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, c2005.


The author details his difficult experiences as a young Jewish child living in Nazi-occupied France during the 1940s.

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LibraryThing member lilibrarian
The author tells of the loss of his family and of his life as a hidden Jewish child in occupied France during WWII. Photographs of his family and places are augmented by his drawings and artwork.
LibraryThing member STBA
This unique, large format personal narrative beautifully tells the story of the author's experience as a hidden child in Nazi-occupied France during World War II. Well-captioned black and white photographs along with double-spread full-color composite paintins accompany the first-person narration.
LibraryThing member JudiMoreillon
The format of this book is compelling. After 3 to 6 pages of first-person narrative, illustrated by photographs, Millman offers a double-page spread that illuminates the information found on the previous pages. The cover also makes a powerful statement.
LibraryThing member vwhitt
This is the story of Isaac Sztrymfman/Jean Devolder/Isaac Millman. Isaac was a young Jewish boy living in France in the 1940’s. Most of us adults know the terrible story of WWII. After being required to wear the yellow Star of David, the Germans started taking the Jewish people. Two years after
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Isaac’s father was taken, both he and his mother tried to run away. Unfortunately they were caught and looked up in began. He was brought to a hospital where he was to pretend to be sick. Then Hena, a fellow Jew in hiding, took him in. He had to live with a farm family that was cruel to him before he moved in with Madame Devolder. She sent him to school and treated him like her son. When the liberation came, he went to live in a home for Jewish children who were separated from their families. Isaac’s family never came. In 1948, a Jewish couple from America adopted him. It took Isaac fifty years to write this book. The images are drawn by Isaac himself and show us the emotion and turmoil that was going on at the time. This subject is hard to teach and harder to introduce to children. What better way than to let them see and read the first-hand account of Isaac.

Details: This book was written to interest children in grades 5-8 and is on a 5.8 reading level.
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LibraryThing member engpunk77
I thought this would be a great picture book for my Holocaust unit (supplement to Anne Frank, or to use for their WWII research papers), but the writing was nothing remarkable, and I wasn't even moved as much as the story should have moved me. It seemed incomplete, rough, and a little fragmented.
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It left me with many questions and utterly unsatisfied. I did learn about aspects of the Holocaust that I hadn't known before (minimal), but not enough to suggest that my students read the whole thing when there are better books that cover the same topics.

I feel really bad, as always, criticizing a memoir that expresses pain or recounts a traumatic experience, but I just wasn't brought into the character's feelings and experiences in a way that was transformative. Sorry. :(
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LibraryThing member liss2
This book was written about a man named Isaac Millman's tragic past. In this autobiography Isaac tells of his experience surviving the holocaust and how his family was killed, he was adopted and about his struggles in life afterwards. This book would be best suited for a 5th grade and up classroom.
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Would use it to teach in a history lesson about the holocaust and what it was and what happened.
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LibraryThing member HannahRevard
This is an autobiography by Isaac Millman about his life during the Nazi occupation of France and also after the war. While his family is shipped off to concentration camps, he is put into hiding through a network similar to the Underground Railroad. I think this book would be suitable for 4th
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grade and up. He has included photographs of himself and there are also many colorful illustrations which would help students to actually visualize his story.
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