The Hidden Life of Otto Frank

by Carol Ann Lee

Book, 2003



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New York : William Morrow, c2003.


Otto Frank was the father of Anne - the most famous girl of the 20th century. It was he who found her diaries after her death and was determined to see them published around the world.

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When Audrey Hepburn met Otto in 1957, after she was asked to audition for the lead role in the Hollywood take on [Anne Frank's] diary, he struck her as somebody 'who'd been purged by fire... he'd been there and back'. Carol Ann Lee recreates this tortuous journey meticulously, with a kind of
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orderly, Prussian care that her subject would have adored.
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LibraryThing member neferset
A rather salacious sounding title, but in fact it's not really the stuff of the National Enquirer.

Otto Frank is primarily known as the father of Anne Frank and this biography tries to give him more dimension. In her diary Anne talks about her parents' as not being a love match and the book
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provides supporting information.

The book also names Tonny Ahlers as the betrayer. Members of the Ahlers family are quoted as agreeing that he was. Ahlers is mentioned as having blackmailed Otto Frank even after the war to hide the fact that his company had actually been doing business with the German army, a revelation that would have been quite embarassing in the post war years as his daughter became famous.

The heavy emphasis on Ahlers was a drag on the entire book. Yes, it's an interesting bit of information but not worthy of all the space given it.
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