The History of Last Night's Dream: Discovering the Hidden Path to the Soul

by Rodger Kamenetz

Book, 2007



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New York : HarperOne, c2007.


Our Dreams Will Never Be the Same Again International bestselling author Rodger Kamenetz believes it is not too late to reclaim the lost power of our nightly visions. He fearlessly delves into this mysterious inner realm and shows us that dreams are not only intensely meaningful, but hold essential truths about who we are. In the end, each of us has the choice to embark on this illuminating path to the soul.

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LibraryThing member vpfluke
This book was interesting read on the subject of dreams. What brought me to this book was the promise of an expansion beyond night dreams into images that our inner self produces while awake, perhaps during some sort of meditation. Part One of this book does deal with images through Madame Colette
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Aboulker-Muscat who worked with Rodger Kamenetz in Israel. I think there is value in visualization, but I'm not sure that Kamenetz was able to integrate really well with the process of night dreaming which takes up a majority of the book. Here he works with Marc Bregman who is trying to shake him out of his complacency in the way he sees dreams. It is rather anti-Freudian, and in fact one discovers that both Kamenetz and Bregman are Jungians. Both want to steer you away from seeing dreams either as symbols to look up in a dream dictionay or as mere record of the detritus of the previous day. They are much more than that, and if you understand how dream images function, you are in path to understanding and growth. There is a Jewish biblical perspective which is refreshing for a Jungian book. We are taken through some significant dreams in Geneis of Abrahma (about Abimelech), Jacob, and Joseph.
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