Holocaust: A Novel of Survival and Triumph

by Gerald Green

Book, 1978



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New York : Bantam Books, c1978.


The epic novel of two families and the genocide in Nazi Germany, by the writer of the blockbuster TV miniseries.   The Dorfs are "good" Germans, loyal to the new Nazi regime, with whom their son Erik, a promising lawyer, finds his ambitions realized with the SS at the side of the ruthless Reinhard Heydrich.   The Weisses are Jewish, also "good" Germans--but under the new regime, they are doomed.   Told through the reminiscences of Erik Dorf, the ambitious SS officer, and the courageous young Jew Rudi Weiss, who ran away from his family as a young boy in an effort to fight the Nazis, this novel takes us through almost every significant event of the Third Reich, from the horrific reality of Kristallnacht to the mass exterminations at Auschwitz. It is a portrait of the extraordinary choices all Germans were forced to make on a daily basis--and the unimaginable consequences if they were wrong.   A winner of the Dag Hammarskj√∂ld International Prize, with more than two million copies sold, Holocaust is an unforgettable glimpse into this monumental human tragedy.… (more)

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When The Holy Spirit led me to pick up this book and start readinng it, I was angry at the Jews for their weakness and passive behavior during such blatant pursecution. I was stunned at their ability to fool themselves, even till the end. Several chapters in I realized that my own race has done the
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same thing for hundreds of years. More importantly, the WORLD goes gullably along with dictators who spew rhetoric, insight hate, and strive for total domination. I held me tears until the end. But I'll never be able to hold my peace again!
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