Introduction to the Talmud and Midrash

by Hermann Leberecht Strack

Book, 1996



Call number

101 STR


Minneapolis : Fortress Press, 1996.


Gunter Stemberger's revision of H. L. Strack's classic introduction to rabbinic literature, which appeared in its first English edition in 1991, was widely acclaimed.Gunter Stemberger and Markus Bockmuehl have now produced this updated edition, which is a significant revision (completed in 1996) of the 1991 volume. Following Strack's original outline, Stemberger discusses first the historical framework, the basic principles of rabbinic literature and hermeneutics and the most important Rabbis. The main part of the book is devoted to the Talmudic and Midrashic literature in the light of contemporary rabbinic research. The appendix includes a new section on electronic resources for the study of the Talmud and Midrash.The result is a comprehensive work of reference that no student of rabbinics can afford to be without.… (more)

Original publication date

1982 (8th ed.)
1931 (1st ∙ English)
1921 (5th, German)


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