Jewish Americans

by Robert Stein

Book, 2003



Call number

770 STE



Hauppauge, NY : Barron's Educational Series, Inc., 2003.


They escaped from oppression and poverty in Russia, Poland, Germany, and many other parts of Europe, and settled mainly in America's large cities. With Jewish immigration to America came their rich family and religious traditions, and their abiding respect for the arts and sciences, inspiring many among them to great achievement in these fields. Biographical sketches include Albert Einstein, the Guggenheim family, Isaac Stern, Saul Bellow, and others. This important new series documents and dramatizes the immigration experience of untold numbers of men, women, and children who arrived in America from the four corners of the world. As they assimilated into American society, they enriched the nation's character and experience. Many of America's immigrants passed through the Ellis Island Immigration Center in New York Harbor during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. What were the initial hopes and fears of these new arrivals? Where did they first settle, and what kinds of work did they find? Which elements from their various cultures have since blended into the national scene and helped reshape what has become modern America? The first titles in this dramatic series bring alive the experiences of four important ethnic groups, with contemporary photos and first-person accounts of their dramatic, life-changing experiences. Readers glimpse each group's social customs, family life, traditional food and drink, festivals, and much more. There are also brief but vivid capsule biographies of famous individuals who rose to prominence from each ethnic group. Approximately 150 illustrations in each book.… (more)


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