Jewish as a Second Language

by Molly Katz

Book, 1991



Call number

567 KAT




New York : Workman Pub., c1991.


It's a NICE book. Forget Yiddish. Real Jewish is a secret language of nuance, argument, and somersaults of everyday speech; of wins, losses, and draws in competitions you had no idea you'd entered. It's everything from mastering the OAQ (Obsessive Anal Question) - "They'll de-ice the wings before we take off, right?" - to never, ever believing your mother-in-law when she says "Don't bother driving me, I'll take a cab." Now in a second edition that's bigger, better, and with more guilt, this is the indispensable guide.   Who knew? * Jewish Cooking (the first two hours of boiling a chicken are just to make sure it's dead) * Jewish Eating (you should eat eight times a day if you're diabetic - or if you're not) * The Art of Two-Person Worrying (Jewish Ping-Pong) * The hotel-room-changing gene, the always-at-the-doctor gene, and other genes only Jews have * Boxing gloves, a rottweiler, Pop-Tarts, and fourteen other things you'll never find in a Jewish home * And so much more. (Why not?)  … (more)

User reviews

LibraryThing member GoofyOcean110
Definitely amusing. Can be either a quick read or just pick up a page at a time. A great gift for any non-Jew marrying (or even seriously dating) a Jew. Some things relate to a more older crowd than others, but still, most things resonate well.
LibraryThing member melsmarsh
This is perhaps one of the funniest books on Jewish humour that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Not only is it funny but it is so true. I think if I had forced Frank to read this book before we were married, we would have far fewer miscommunications. If there was any doubt of my Jewishness
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it is erased. I'm so Jewish. No doubt about culture, there is no wonder other non-Floridian gentiles can't understand me, I'm speaking Jewish culturally. They even make a reference to that in the book in the quiz at the end. If you scored in the highest section, they say either you were paying a lot of attention to your Jewish relatives or you're from Florida. The only think wrong with the book is that Friday night was Chinese night. :)
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LibraryThing member lydiasbooks
I don't know, some parts are really funny but I'm Jewish and don't identify with most of it. I guess it's about American Jews of a particular type, but I struggle to get my head around most of it because it's just not realistic.


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