Jewish People, Jewish Thought: The Jewish Experience in History

by Robert M. Seltzer

Book, 1980



Call number

700 SEL



New York : Macmillan, c1980.


For courses in Jewish Thought and Culture and Introduction to Jewish Americans. This classic survey of the main features of the Jewish historical landscape exposes students to the rich scholarly literature on Jewish history, theology, philosophy, mysticism, and social thought that has been produced in the last century and a half. It shows Judiasm as a creative response to ultimate issues of human concern by members of a group that has faced a unique concatenation of political, economic, and geographical circumstances. "Standing both within and without the mainstream of Western culture, Judaism offers remarkable insights into the genesis and elaboration of powerful religious ideas and into the determined survival of a small, vulnerable people repeatedly forced to confront and adjust to conditions beyond its immediate control."… (more)


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