Judaism for Beginners

by Charles Szlakmann

Book, 1990



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200 SZL


New York : Writers and Readers Publishing, 1990.


Traces the history of the Jews and the development of their beliefs and traditions.

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LibraryThing member bostonian71
Accessible and entertaining two-volume primer of basic Judaic concepts, mostly from the traditional (i.e. Orthodox) point of view, though I appreciate that the author mentions and in most places appreciates how the tradition has evolved. (He does a better job of this with feminism than with
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homosexuality, but since this was brought out in 2006, it definitely has not kept pace with the GLBT equality movement in France or elsewhere.)

I bought this mostly to practice my French, but also because of Szlakmann's humorous drawings, including caricatures of Karl Marx and other political and philosophical figures. An unexpected bonus was that Szlakmann does provide some explanations and theories I haven't come across before. My one issue is that some of the handwritten text is a little small and difficult to read, but it's a minor flaw in an otherwise worthwhile set of texts.
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