L'Mazeltov: Your Personal Guide to Jewish Childbirth Education

by Pamela Nadav

Book, 2008



Call number

653 NAD


Carlsbad, Calif. : L'Mazeltov 2008


L'Mazeltov is a unique resource designed to integrate traditional childbirth education with an introduction to Jewish life, traditions, values, and philosophy, especially for expectant parents. This exceptional book complements traditional childbirth education by providing important prenatal information within a Jewish family context. By combining two important Jewish symbolic expressions - L'Chaim (To Life) and Mazel tov (Good Fortune) - L'Mazeltov offers the reader a variety of ways to create a distinctively personal approach to Jewish parenting. What L'Mazeltov brings to you: An obstetrical professional's introduction to pregnancy, labor and delivery. Key elements of prenatal fitness and nutrition. Post partum care for you and your baby. Jewish customs and the newborn child. Parental responsibilities according to the Talmud. The significance of essential Jewish blessings and prayers.… (more)


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