The Last Sunrise, A True Story: Biography of a Ten-Year Old Boy in Nazi Concentration Camps During World War Two

by Harold Gordon

Book, 1989



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Salinas, Calif. : H&J Pub., 1996, [c1989.]


This is a true story of a ten-year-old boy who found himself hunted for no reason other than being born Jewish & living on the wrong continent, at the wrong time. Little by little, he found himself devoid of friends & relatives -- the Nazis took them all. Only a few of the names have been changed. This is the story of a Jewish boy who grew up in Nazi concentration camps as a political prisoner marked for death, as an enemy of the state, & lived to tell his story. This is not a book by a defeated person seeking sympathy; rather it is to demonstrate to others that despite adverse living conditions, deprived of childhood in more than four & a half years of imprisonment in Nazi concentration camps, one can prevail & live to tell their story. This story has to be told so that these events will never happen again - to any people. It is not the intention of the author to describe the events of World War Two in great detail & with great accuracy. Neither is it intended to blame the German people for the atrocities that the Nazis committed against the Jewish people & others that died or suffered during those war years.… (more)


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