Memory is Our Home: Loss and Remembering: Three Generations in Poland and Russia 1917-1960s

by Suzanna Eibuszyc

Other authorsRoma Talasiewicz-Eibuszyc (Author.)
Book, 2015



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Stuttgart : Ibidem-Verlag, 2015


"Memory is Our Home" is a powerful biographical memoir based on the diaries of Roma Talasiewicz-Eibuszyc, who was born in Warsaw before the end of World War I, grew up during the interwar period and who, after escaping the atrocities of World War II, was able to survive in the vast territories of Soviet Russia and Uzbekistan.Translated by her own daughter, interweaving her own recollections as her family made a new life in the shadows of the Holocaust in Communist Poland after the war and into the late 1960s, this book is a rich, living document, a riveting account of a vibrant young woman's courage and endurance.A forty-year recollection of love and loss, of hopes and dreams for a better world, it provides richly-textured accounts of the physical and emotional lives of Jews in Warsaw and of survival during World War II throughout Russia. This book, narrated in a compelling, unique voice through two generations, is the proverbial candle needed to keep memory alive.… (more)

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LibraryThing member linda.marsheells
An incredibly unique memoir of life during the holocaust and after, and the effects that trickle down through time.
The author got her mother to write what she would not speak about, write about her life before during and after the horrors of Hitler and his henchmen. The bulk of the book is set in
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Poland and Russia which gave it a unique aspect.
The first generation of survivors lived in constant fear and silence, constantly looking over their shoulders long after the war ended. Their children absorbed it all and learned to grow up with tremendous distrust! And so it goes...generation after generation....
The fact that this memoir was translated into English was a blessing.
" ...the second generation inherited the responsibility to remember the legacy of the vibrant Jewish never forget the horror of the Holocaust, and to speak for the generation that was forced into silence."
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