Mommy, Mama, and Me

by Leslea Newman

Other authorsCarol Thompson (Illustrator)
Book, 2009



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Berkeley, CA : Tricycle Press, 2009.


A baby enjoys a number of fun activities with her two mothers.

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LibraryThing member roethkegrrl
This story, written in simple, rhythmic text paired with colorful illustrations, tells the story of a young child spending the day with its two mothers, Mommy and Mama. The book depicts domestic happiness and togetherness— eating, playing, being tucked in, etc. It is a sort of day-in-the-life of
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a toddler, and this could be any toddler, except for the fact that the parents are a same-sex couple. The events are mundane, but in this case normalcy is something of a political stance: the message here is, families with same-sex parents are just like any other family; this child is loved, happy and cared for by two mothers. (The book’s target audience of preschoolers is not likely to read for multicultural content, of course, but the subtext is there nonetheless.)
Young children from all sorts of background and family situations are likely to relate to the activities depicted in the book. For those who may not know any children with same-sex parents, this positive depiction will help to expand the definition of a family. For children of same-sex parents, seeing their own lives reflected positively in literature will be affirming.
Librarians may want to include this ALAN Award winner in their children’s collections as a multicultural and/or GLBTQ resource, or as a book to share with and recommend to families seeking depictions of same-sex parents. More broadly, the story could be used to help illustrate baby care or daily routines, perhaps for young children about to welcome a sibling into their homes. The story is told from the child’s perspective, which could support interested discussions about point-of-view, talking about one’s family and experiences, etc. In addition, the simple language and bright illustrations would work well in a read-aloud with young children.
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LibraryThing member klsulliv
"Mommy, Mama, And Ma" provides beautiful illustrations and rhyming text that describes everyday activities of a child with two mommies. I feel that it is important to help children understand that diversity is more than just looking different. Diversity simply means being different, and I feel that
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it is important to expose children to understanding and learning about many things in life that they will eventually come in "contact" with or will eventually learn about anyway. Reading this book to your children is an excellent way to help them understand a little bit about homosexuality. When children understand, they are more likely to accept things that are different from their culture which is why it is important to help children learn about things that they do not understand.
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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
This adorable board-book features a happy toddler spending time with her two mothers: playing on the playground, cooking together, and reading a bedtime story. The rhyming text by Lesléa Newman is made for reading aloud, and the bright illustrations by Carol Thompson capture the joy of each
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I'm always looking for new children's books that present same-sex parents in a positive and natural fashion, without becoming too didactic or political, and Mommy, Mama, and Me fits the bill! I especially appreciate the fact that it's a board book, and therefore meant for the very young child, as I cannot think of any other early childhood books in a similar vein. Whether intended for the child of same-sex parents, who needs to see her reality reflected in the books around her, or for the child of heterosexual couples, who needs to see that families come in every shape and size, this (together with its companion, Daddy, Papa, and Me) would make a lovely gift!
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LibraryThing member michelleraphael
Just like "Daddy,Papa, and Me", this book has a homosexual couple in it. But like in the other, it shows how much they care for their child and how great of parents they are.
LibraryThing member lawsonm
This book could fit well into an infant classroom in that it presents a strong foundation and exposure to goals one and two of anti-bias education. The positive and joyful imagery and normalcy of the day-to-day activities could translate into the positive social identity piece of goal one and the
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expression of comfort and joy with human diversity in goal two. Further, this book could likely fit into preschool environments as well as a bridge to a larger conversation about the goals, in that we know preschoolers have developed ideas and discomforts about specific kinds of differences.
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LibraryThing member KellyLPickett
This is the sister boook to Daddy, Papa, and Me. Is this one the child has 2 moms. It should also be included in a unit on families to make sure all types of families are represented.
LibraryThing member malindahodgson
This is a good book for younger students. It could be used to show students that everyone is different, and that is okay to be different.
LibraryThing member MFeil
This book is just like Daddy, Papa, and me, but with moms. I love it! The gender neutral baby and attention to the family's life (rather than sexual orientation) is excellent! Books about "non-traditional" families allow for children of those families to connect with the text, and children of
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different families to be exposed to something new.
Age range: 3 - 7 Years (B&N)
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LibraryThing member margan1
I like this book for multiple reasons. The first reason why I liked this book was because the way that it rhymes. Rhyming books are more interesting to read for some children. They can also be easier. “Mommy hugs me on her lap. Mama lays me on her lap. Mommy lets me help her cook. Mama helps me
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read a book.” The second reason why I liked this book was because of the lesson and background that the story had. What this book is trying to point out, is that there is a special and loving bond between same-sex parents just as there are with different guardians/parents. Your Mommy can pick you up, and your Daddy, Mama, Uncle, Aunt, Grandfather, etc., can pour juice in your cup. There can be two mommy households, two daddy households, or even households with grandparents as the guardians of the children. Regardless, they are families, and families love each other. I also like this book because it is different. This is the first book that I have read or been aware of that include same-sex parents. This book is not only different, but it is unique, in a sense that there aren’t many like it. Lastly, I like this book because although it is unique with the child having two mommys, the story centers on ordinary events that a baby or a toddler has in life. This includes eating, napping, bathing, going to the park, etc., all things that every child does, no matter who they are raised by. The main idea of this book is to show that there are different households that don’t just have a mom and a dad, and yet, there is still a significance of love no matter what.
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LibraryThing member LibrarianMaven
In this reassuring board book a neutral-gendered young child describes an idealized day with their parents: cuddling, visiting the park, taking a bath, and finally going to sleep. The text flows easily in rhymed couplets on each pair of pages, with mommy and child on one page, and mama and child on
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the mirroring page. In this way, the focus of both the text and illustrations remains firmly on the experience of the young child and their close and loving relationship with their parents, separately and together. Mama and Mommy are not seen together on the same page until the last double page spread when they kiss their young child goodnight. The illustrations are soft but not cartoonish and detailed enough to keep a child’s interest, and colors are saturated. Sentences are short and readers could discuss the similarities and differences between what the family in the book does and what they do, though most events in the book, like hair combing and going to the park, are universal. The parents are a same-gender couple but this book could easily be read to any child to reassure them of their parents’ love and the fun things they do together. Highly recommended.
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LibraryThing member amandapanda613
A young boy spends the day with his two mommies.
Ages: 3-7
Source: Amazon
LibraryThing member ewestr1
Though this was a short book, I enjoyed reading it for many reasons. I liked the flow of the book because each page included rhyming. I liked the illustrations because clearly this book is about a young child with parents of the same gender. Every illustration displays how happy these two parents
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are to be with their child and to me I took the illustrations as representations of them being good parents. I liked the author's message that it's completely normal to have parents of the same gender. I liked that this book was meant for a younger age because it's showing kids at fairly early age that this is normal in our society. I think the author also was trying to display acceptance because reading this may change a person or even child's view of how parents can be like.
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LibraryThing member KiTiraShorter
“Mommy, Mama and Me” is a very cute children’s book that has the main message that all families may not look the same but they are still families full of love. This is conveyed through the illustrations and the language. The illustrations within this book were captivating wit the use of
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color. Each page either had a whit background or a light color background causing me the reader to focus on the content in the book and the illustrations that were accompanying them. I also enjoyed the writing style because it was a rhyming style that pulled me into the book even more. As I read I had not noticed this though. I also like how the use of Mommy and Mama are used for the signify different people in this book but usually the signify one person. I enjoyed reading this and understanding that the use of those words were not an exchange but a name.
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LibraryThing member rjones34
Summary: "Mommy, Mama, and Me" is a book that is written from the child's perspective in order to describe the numerous things the child's mothers do for him/her during the day.

Review: The central message of "Mommy, Mama, and Me" is that both of the child's mothers do numerous great things for the
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child. Over the course of the book, the child describes activities they do together such as "Mama and I slide to the ground" and "Mommy and I go round and round." In my opinion, the use of repetition and rhyme schemes were a great addition to help the author convey her message. The repetition and rhyme schemes helped capture the attention of the reader, since all the book does is list activities the child does with his/her mothers.
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LibraryThing member jessica_5906
A toddler spending time with its two moms.

Age: 4-5

Source: Pierce County Library
LibraryThing member christian.mehalic
This book is a wonderful story that my professor showed one day in class, and it is short and quick enough read, that I read it right there. It is a story about a child who has two mothers. It has a somewhat small story line because it is more used as a way to explain to young children that some
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people have two mothers/fathers, and it is completely ok. There is nothing wrong with it and it does not change anything about you. only that you have two parents who love you very much.
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LibraryThing member hphipp2
Mommy, Mama, and Me is a great and simple exposition of same-sex parents. It's not an incredibly complex plot; it's just a book about things that this child does with Mama and with Mommy. It's also a great book to have for representation. What's really wonderful is that there's also a version of
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this book called Daddy, Papa and Me that's also about things that a child does with their same-sex parents. One thing that I very much like about these two books is that they're meant for early readers. There aren't too many words on each page, and there isn't a lot of plot. This makes the books and the concept accessible to a wider range of readers.
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LibraryThing member AliciaTrotman
In my opinion, this is a phenomenal book. I really liked that the author used different names for each mother. I also liked that the illustration mirrored each sentence in the book. I enjoyed that the author turned the story into somewhat of a poem. The character descriptions were accurate with
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each sentence. Finally, this book pushed readers to think about fellow students or friends who could come from a different type of family than them.
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LibraryThing member caseymdaniels
This book, similar to "Daddys" Roommate," and "Daddy's Wedding" tackles the controversial topic of same-sex marriage, and parenting. In this beautiful book, a child is shown going about their day with both Mommy and Mama in tow, showing that two mothers equals a whole lot of love.
Ages: 3-5
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Pierce County Library System
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LibraryThing member Sberma5
I thought this book was a great children’s book, especially because of the main idea. The main idea of this story was to explain that even if a child may have the same sex parents. Even though they are the same sex, they will still have a great bond as a couple, and as a family. I liked the way
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the book rhymed, especially because it will grab the child’s attention. “Mama helps me read a book,” is an example of the simple sentences used in the story, which will be easy for children to read. I really liked the fact that this book was for a younger grade level but was still teaching children about this topic, which will stick to them easier, being at such a young age. Another reason I enjoyed this book was because the children were shown to live the same daily life as any other child, and it gave examples. The characters in the story were shown bathing, going to the park, eating and more. This allows children to see details and examples regarding a same sex home, as well as the way all families are the same
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LibraryThing member mbabst
In this short picture book, I was touched by the illustrations as well as the message in this book. I feel as though this book should be read to children of all ages. It reaches an audience that can have very different perspectives on families. In this book, you are taken on an adventure of a child
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with two mothers. I loved reading this book because each page is something that Mama or Mom does for the child. The perspective is from their child rather than just the mothers. I would read this book to a group of pre-k - k students because I feel as though diversity is crucial starting from a young age.
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LibraryThing member sheanareed
This story is about a child who lives with 2 mommies and love them both the same.
LibraryThing member Emilymassey
This book is about a child who has 2 moms. No matter who your parents are, they will love you. You can do anything with 2 mom as you can do with a mom and a dad. They play peek-a-boo, dress up, hide and seek, and bath time. There are different types of families out there and they will always love
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each other.
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LibraryThing member EmilyDrennan
Mommy, Mama, and Me, is a story about a child with two moms. Just like Daddy, Papa, and Me, I think that this is an important book to read to children. There are so many different types of families and all of them need to be addressed in the classroom. Each child needs to feel that their family is
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accepted and this story will help do so for a child. Children respond better when they can relate to a story and not all children grow up in a typical household.
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LibraryThing member trenthamidou
A story of a boy and his two mothers and their adventures together. The play games together like dress-up and do things like baths and bed times!

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