The Mystical Qabalah

by Dion Fortune

Book, 1984



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150 FOR


York Beach, ME : S. Weiser, [1996], c1984.


Dion Fortune's Mystical Qabalah remains a classic in the field. She explores all aspects of the Qabalah-whose disciplines include the esoteric sciences of astrology and tarot, and forms the basis of the Western Mystery Tradition. Her thorough explanation of the Tree of Life, which lies at the heart of Qabalistic teaching, provides a key to the practical working of this mystical system for both novice and initiate. This revised edition includes an additional chapter culled from Fortune's Inner Light Journal describing the paths on the Tree, an editorial update for contemporary readers, and an easy-to-use foldout containing important diagrams that augment study of the text.

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Pred vama je najobimnije i najpoznatije delo Dion Fortune, i spada u malobrojne klasike okultne literature koji su obeležili savremeni ezoterični preprod. Mistična kabala detaljno objašnjava kabalističko Drvo života, a poglavlja su strukturisana tako da se u njima podrobno analiziraju svaki
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od 10 Sefirota, njihova simbolika i korespondencije, kao i sveobuhvatnost sistema znanja neophodnog svakom zapadnom magičaru i Adeptu na njegovom putu samospoznaje. Ovo je prva prava enciklopedija Kabale na našem jeziku, u novom boljem prevodu, koja modernim terminima prodire u srž «Joge Zapada», kako ju je nazvala Dion Fortune, i pruža teorijske osnove za praktično bavljenje tom drevnom hebrejskom Naukom.
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LibraryThing member Anituel
A very complete guide to the magical Kabbalah, this book is probably the second one which ought to be read by the new student (after DuQuette's "The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed ben Clifford").
LibraryThing member Arctic-Stranger
Fortune covers the subject better than anyone when it comes to the paths and the sephiroth. Always insightful, sometimes challenging, and very exhaustive, I believe this is THE best book out there for beginners.
LibraryThing member pathlessness
"The Qabalah, whose disciplines include the occult sciences of astrology and tarot, forms the basis of the Western Mystery Tradition. It is a system of mystical knowledge and spiritual development in the same way that Yoga is the mystical system of the East. The Tree of Life – a diagram
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consisting of 10 circles connected by 22 "paths" – is the heart of Qabalistic teaching. It is a cosmic diagram; the blueprint of the universe and the human being, containing within itself a description of all possible relationships and all phenomena."

This is written from within the system of the Hermetic Qabalah (not the Jewish one), but many parallels and insights to our own pathworking can be drawn from it, as well as some clarification...
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LibraryThing member Siobhon
Tis a good introduction to the Qabalah
LibraryThing member Nefarious_Aquarius
Probably the best book on the qabalah in print. Highly recommended.

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