Noah's Ark

by C. J. Leonard

Other authorsGiuseppe Di Lernia (Illlustrator.)
Book, 2018



Call number

BB 001 LEO



New York, NY DK Publishing, 2018


A classic Bible story retold with beautiful illustrations in a large landscape format, perfect for reading aloud. The Bible story of Noah's Ark is told in a simple but exciting style in this elegant, beautifully illustrated board book. This extra-large format story book is a perfect size for sharing with young children, and makes an ideal gift. The book also features a note for parents, to help them get the most out of the story. In this story with a moral, God tells Noah to build a boat big enough to fit his family--plus two of every kind of animal! Then God floods the Earth. Find out what happens to Noah and the animals on the ark.


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