Practical Kabbalah: A Guide to Jewish Wisdom for Everyday Life

by Laibl Wolf

Book, 1999



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150 WOL


New York : Three Rivers Press, c1999.


Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish wisdom that explains the laws of spiritual energy. Up until very recently the Kabbalah was reserved for the elite, those who only after years of scholarship and practice were allowed to enter this mystical realm. However, one doesn't need to devote one's life to intense study to reap the rich rewards of the Kabbalah. With just a basic understanding of a few key concepts, our lives can be enriched immensely. We can then begin to fulfill our deepest dreams and reach our most important goals, becoming the people we long to become.          By learning to understand the Sefirot--the ten spiritual properties that flow from the cosmic source into our heart--we can connect to the universe and profoundly transform our experience of daily life. For example, Hessed, or "loving-kindness," represents the desire to be generous, while Gevurah is the desire to focus intently or withhold. These properties must be balanced in order for harmony and well-being to occur. Rabbi Laibl Wolf shows how to maintain that balance and enjoy a healthy and productive life by using simple meditation and creative visualization techniques to grasp the spiritual nature of our life.          Practical Kabbalah draws upon ancient wisdom but offers a modern interpretation and easy-to-understand techniques for delving deeper into our selves and our world and for reaping the bounteous gifts that were always meant for us.… (more)

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LibraryThing member melsmarsh
After reading it to completion once before several few years ago, I attempted to read it again August 27 2011 and I get the feeling I am not supposed to be reading it right now. I do not know if it is the subject or the author as this is not exactly the world's most entertaining read.

Dec 12, 2012,
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I was able to finish the book. I am not entirely sure why but it was much easier this time. I was able to get through several chapters each day for the past two days.
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LibraryThing member chuff
Not very instructive. Needed more practical examples. A little too filler-y for me.


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