Queen of the Jews

by Judy Petsonk

Book, 2012



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Highland Park, NJ Blair Books 2012


Queen Salome Alexandra ruled ancient Judea in the turbulent century before the birth of Jesus. She led troops, introduced universal education, expanded the rights of women, and brought healing to a nation torn apart by a civil war between the Pharisees and Sadducees. Vividly evoking scenes of ancient Jerusalem, Judy Petsonk's novel brings to life the queen's stormy relationship with her husband--and her love for the people who called her Shalom-Zion: the peace of Zion. ""A gripping, fun read . . . Judy Petsonk's sexy heroine, Queen Salome Alexandra, possesses the brains, hutzpah, and vision to save Israel not only from its many enemies but also from its own conflicted nature. A marvelous window into a neglected and little-known chapter of Jewish history."" --Ellen Frankel, former Editor in Chief of the Jewish Publication Society ""A whirlwind blend of palace intrigue, bitter rivalries and shifting loyalties circa 100 B.C. in Judea's Hasmonean dynasty . . . a romp of a novel, particularly for fans of Jewish history and culture."" --Kirkus Reviews Queen Salome Alexandra was ""an important, yet overlooked Jewish-leader . . . a model, especially for women, and for all who seek insight and inspiration."" --Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky, Executive Director, Jewish Outreach Institute Judy Petsonk is the author of Taking Judaism Personally; Creating a Meaningful Spiritual Life, and the co-author, with Jim Remsen, of The Intermarriage Handbook: A Guide for Jews and Christians.… (more)


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