Say Yes to Life: A Book of Thoughts for Better Living

by Sidney Greenberg

Book, 1982



Call number

550 GRE


New York : Crown, c1982.


Say Yes to Life: A Book of Thoughts for Better Living reflects a deep understanding of the human condition with all its pain, perplexities, and possibilities. Combining compassion, wisdom, and humor, this life-affirming volume will inspire people of every faith to believe in and bring out the best from within themselves. In this profound book, Rabbi Sidney Greenberg offers seventy-three essays celebrating his belief in the goodness of people and the beauty of life in all its variety. He is confident that traditional values are still alive and shows how we can reinforce the strength of these values to make life better for ourselves and others. He suggests that we can do this by using our best abilities and finest attributes-generosity, kindness, compassion, our powers of communication, a sense of justice, our constructive human energy.… (more)


0765759993 / 9780765759993

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