Searching for Meaning in Midrash: Lessons for Everyday Living

by Rabbi Michael Katz

Other authorsGershon Schwartz
Book, 2002



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101 KAT



Philadelphia : Jewish Publication Society, 2002.


Searching for Meaning in Midrash explores the fascinating body of Jewish literature called Midrash--creative interpretations of the Bible that are designed to reveal hidden or deeper meaning in Scripture. Each of the over 50 midrashim sit next to its corresponding biblical text so that readers can compare them, along with commentary on the times and insights of the Rabbis who wrote each midrash. Readers are given guidance for answering "What does this text mean to me?"

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LibraryThing member bostonian71
A lucid and intelligent introduction to midrash (the term for rabbinic explanations and interpretations of the Jewish Bible). Like its predecessor, "Swimming in the Sea of Talmud," this provides a good mix of historical context and contemporary commentary -- and, in the grand tradition of the
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rabbis, the present-day explanations sometimes contradict each other!
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