Soul Judaism: Dancing with God into a New Era

by Rabbi Wayne Dosick

Book, 1999



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201 DOS


Jewish Lights 1999


"The old must be made new, and the new must be made sacred." --Rav Avraham Kook, first Chief Rabbi of Israel From the author of the best-selling Living Judaism, here is an introduction to Judaism that is easy to read and easy to use as a guide to embracing the spiritual practices that make everyday life sacred within the Jewish tradition. Rabbi Wayne Dosick deftly and sweetly shows us how to rediscover and renew authentic Jewish spiritual beliefs and practices--prayer and meditation, rituals and observances, songs, stories and dance. This is a bold and visionary conception of Judaism's coming new age--Soul Judaism--characterized by a deep, personal, intimate relationship with God. Soul Judaism helps shape the Jewish world's dialogue with and practice of Jewish spirituality, Jewish renewal, and the Jewish future by taking each one of us on a journey to the place where God bathes our souls in love and brings wholeness and holiness to the very core of our beings. An easy-to-read introduction to Judaism, and a vision of Judaism's coming new age, Soul Judaism can help you add a rich spiritual dimension to your life. Rabbi Wayne Dosick's easy to use guide to making everyday life sacred can help you connect personally and intimately with the divine.… (more)


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