Standing with Israel

by David Brog

Book, 2006



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848 BRO



Lake Mary, Fla. : FrontLine, c2006.


Focusing on a subject that has been covered by various national media, including the Wall Street Journal, 60 Minutes, and Nightline, Standing With Israel goes beyond politics to: *Profile leading Christian Zionists and detail the views and motives that drive their politics. *Spotlight Jews who have been at the forefront of forming a budding alliance with Israel's Christian allies. *Explain why so many American Jews are deeply uncomfortable with this outpouring of Christian support.

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LibraryThing member MSWallack
I'm not quite sure who this book was intended for. The first part of the book dealt with the history of Jewish-Christian relations. Perhaps I would have thought better of this part of the book had I not already read Constantine's Sword, a much more thorough, detailed, and thoughtful analysis of
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that history. But I suppose, to the extent that Standing With Israel is aimed at Christian Americans who may not have any particular affinity or emnity toward Jews or Israel, then this portion of the book may be more successful that I am otherwise giving it credit for.

The later portions of the book seemed to be a plea to American Jews to stop worrying about the motives of evangelical Christians in supporting Israel (i.e., is support for Israel premised upon a desire to hasten the so-called Second Coming) and to get American Jews to be more willing to see evangelical Christians as allies (because they support Israel) rather than as opponents (because they oppose virtually ever social position taken by the organized Jewish community). In this respect, the book failed; though, that said, I must admit that some of Brog's arguments did appeal to me a bit more toward the end of my very lengthy reading as I watched more and more leftist anti-Israel (and often anti-Semitic) looniness.

But I've spoken to enough evangelical Christians about social issues that matter to me and my community to know that just being friends when it comes to Israel will not make life any better for my children here in America. Sure they may work with me on issues related to Israel, but they also want to make my kids pray to Jesus in school, ban abortions that my religious tradition tolerates, etc.

Unfortunately, in his zeal to make his points, Brog is far, far too dismissive of anti-Semitic statements and acts from leaders in the evangelical Christian movement and that, for me, was the principal reason that I was unable to accept much of his argument.
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