The Trump Passover Haggadah : "People All the Time They Come Up and Tell Me This is the Best Haggadah They've Ever Read, They Do, Believe Me"

by Dave Cowen

Book, 2018



Call number

244 COW


San Bernardino, CA 2018


For generations, Jews have observed the Passover holiday with Haggadahs. The book guides Seder participants through a re-living of the Jewish people's suffering under the Egyptians and celebrates their freedom from a vain, capricious, thin-skinned, small-handed, megalomaniacal, temperamentally unfit President-- er, Pharaoh. If you're an afflicted liberal Jew, with an unconservative sense of humor, and you find traditional Seders as dry as matzo, try these irreverent political parody Haggadahs this Passover. Dave Cowen is a writer who has published humor in The New Yorker and McSweeney's.


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