To Life! A Celebration of Jewish Being and Thinking

by Harold S. Kushner

Book, 1993



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201 KUS


Boston : Little, Brown, c1993.


Filled with wisdom and gentle humor, here is the essential book on Judaism's traditions and practices from the bestselling author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People. Both practical and spiritual, Kushner makes Jewish tradition relevant to a new generation as he explores its many facets.

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LibraryThing member fingerpost
Rabbi Kushner writes simply and passionately about a wide variety of topics related to Judaism. Excellent as either a primer for the non-practicing Jew who wants to start reaching back to his or her religious roots, or for the non-Jew who wants to gain a greater understanding of this ancient
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LibraryThing member JeannetteK
Books on religion have an inherent problem for me. I want to learn about the faith BUT I don't want to be preached to. A disclaimer - I am Jewish so I have some familiarity with this religion. I would say that very good majority of this book did an excellent job explaining the different reasons for
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and backgrounds of the many facets to Judaism. Whether one is of that faith or not, the information provided was interesting and the author wrote in an easy, very personal method that I enjoyed. When I came to the final chunk of pages, it seemed a little proselytizing for my taste, but I understand that if you're going to read about Judaism they are going to crow all its qualities. I think It's an enjoyable read for anyone interested in one of the major world religions.
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LibraryThing member melsmarsh

This chapter is actually a great chapter. I had a huge writeup about it but I guess my program decided it was going to eat it. Basically, this book is for everyone. It also stresses the concept of "Who is a Jew" into a more broader term. It has always been more than just a religion. It's a
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Summary of many of the bible stories. I don't think this adds a lot to the book.


The calander. I like this calendar as it is much more like the calendar that I've been working with as a Wiccan. The lunar based system makes sense to me.


A reference to God as being able to be both male and female! "Functionally God is both male and female"! "people live on in our hearts, in the difference they made to the world, and in the mind of God"

Overall, I really like the book, it makes a lot of sense to me. I would love to have dinner with the man.
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