Unusual Bible Interpretations: Five Books of Moses

by Israel Drazin

Book, 2014



Call number

015 DRA



Jerusalem : New York, NY Gefen Publishing House, 2014


Most people know little about the Hebrew Bible. They know what they were taught in grade school and perhaps what they hear in sermons. But sermons are designed to teach moral lessons, not disclose the Bible's true meaning. In this book, Dr. Israel Drazin, a noted Bible scholar, reveals insights from the Bible that many readers will consider unusual, ideas from both traditional and non-traditional scholars and the author's own views. He discusses over one hundred different subjects, covering history, philosophy, and practical information people should know, including thought-provoking questions like: Are all biblical laws rational? Did pagan practices influence biblical laws? Does God become angry? When did Judaism accept the idea of conversion? Are there errors in Scripture? Must religious people sacrifice themselves totally to God and not question God's will?… (more)


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