Warrior: An Autobiography

by Ariel Sharon

Other authorsDavid Chanoff
Book, 2001



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New York : Simon & Schuster, 2001.


Israel's newest prime minister as of February 6, 2001, Ariel Sharon is a dynamic and controversial leader. A hero in Israel's wars, perhaps the most daring and successful commander in Israel's extraordinary military history, Sharon has always been a warrior, whether the enemies were hostile Arab nations, terrorists, Time magazine, or rival politicians. The public man is well known -- aggressive in battle, hard-line in politics -- but the private man has always been obscured by Sharon's dazzling career and powerful personality. In this compelling and dramatic auto-biography, the real Sharon appears for the first time: a complex man, a loving father, a figure of courage and compassion. He is a warrior who commands the respect and love of his troops, a visionary, and an uncompromising, ruthless pragmatist. Sharon tells his story with frankness, power, intelligence, and a brilliant gift for detail. Always controversial, he is as outspoken as his friends -- and enemies -- would expect him to be.… (more)

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LibraryThing member nkrastx
One of the most controversial personalities of the 20th Century, the lion of Judah in his own words. His uncompromising belief in the defense of Israel and the Jewish people animates this autobiography. Critics and fans of Sharon alike should read this book, which spans virtually all of Israeli
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history. Sharon was an eye-witness and participant in every major Arab-Israeli war starting with 1948. His view surely counts for something.
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