King Solomon and the Bee

by Dalia Hardof Renberg

Book, 1994



Call number

E 500 REN



New York, NY HarperCollins 1994


A retelling of the traditional tale about a bee that repays King Solomon's kindness by helping him solve the Queen of Sheba's riddle.

User reviews

LibraryThing member maryanntherese
An illustrated retelling of the legend of the Queen of Sheba's visit to Ling Solomon. After stinging King Solomon, a little bee promises to make it up to him. And he has the chance in an unexpected way. Cute for primary students. The illustrations are bright and the flora and fauna very well done.
LibraryThing member Wakana
This book was playful as the bee stings the King's nose. His anger is one that children can relate to as they have most likely been bothered by insects before. The pages are full of colorful illustrations. The people are drawn largely and are full of details that help the reader imagine King
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Solomon's world.This is a good book to use to talk to children about promises, loyalty, and different strengths.
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